This year, Restricted Quantities puts on the ritz in celebration of twenty years of craft winemaking excellence.

Become immersed in the splendor of Restricted Quantities’ roaring twenties premium collection. Winemakers will craft and share the bee’s knees of wines from the renowned regions of Chile, Argentina, Spain and Australia.

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Meet the Roaring 20s Premium Collection …

The Darb

Bonarda Syrah (Argentina)

Toast to the perfection of The Darb’s magnificent character, style and substance when you share the finery of this 2020 vintage. Subtle tannins and rich sophistication mingle throughout this gently layered Bonarda Syrah, truly marking it as the perfect blend.

TASTING NOTES • Plump red plum and blueberry underlined with smoky notes on the palate.

PAIRINGS • Enjoy with margherita pizza, spaghetti Bolognese, or braised pork.

Release Date: January 2020

The Caterpillar’s Kimono

Macabeo (Spain)

Uncork the brilliance of RQ’s Macabeo and celebrate the light and lively layers of The Caterpillar’s Kimono. With its soft floral fragrance and golden elegance, this
rare vintage is one of RQ 2020’s finest white varietals—A brilliant beauty.

TASTING NOTES • A fresh and lively wine with hints of citrus, green apple, stone fruit, and soft floral notes.

PAIRINGS • Enjoy with fish tacos, roasted cauliflower, or phyllo-wrapped appetizers.

Release date: January 2020


The Big Shot

Italian Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (Chile)

Hit all the high notes with this top shelf varietal. The Big Shot is the one to please any crowd and thrill every audience. Get carried away by the sultry allure and deep rich tones of ruby red with this jazzed RQ 2020 vintage—the big shot in our quintet of all-star varietals.

TASTING NOTES • Ripe black currant and blackberry complemented by herbaceous tobacco and spice.

PAIRINGS • Ideal with empanadas, Angus burgers, or grilled sausage.

Release date: February 2020


The Cat’s Meow

Pinot Noir Shiraz (Australia)

This magnificent vintage is the best of a Pinot Noir Shiraz. Discover heady spices in the layered, juicy nuances of this expertly blended wine. And raise a glass to the maven blend that celebrates all your glorious traditions and milestones. The Cat’s Meow: another crème de la crème of RQ’s 2020 premium collection.

TASTING NOTES • Juicy red and dark fruits on the nose and palate with a hint of spice on the finish.

PAIRINGS • Try it with charcuterie, goat cheese, and mushroom tarts.

Release date: March 2020


The Deb

Rosé (Spain)

Introducing The Deb, the darling of RQ 2020’s five-star wines. Celebrate a unique and captivating vintage with this fragrant, easy-drinking Spanish Rosé. There will never be a shortage of requests for this debutante wine’s youthful charm and delicate elegance. Its destined to make a grand entrance this coming season.

TASTING NOTES • Sun-ripened red berries, rhubarb, and a floral hint of rose.

PAIRINGS • Enjoy with bruschetta, spring vegetable quiche, or strawberry spinach salad.

Release date: April 2020

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