Our 2021 Restricted Quantities wines are coming this January, and they are going to be fabulous. This year, we’re offering five world-class wines from France, Italy and Spain with a tarot theme:

  • The Empress – Spain Tempranillo Merlot
  • The Chariot – Spain Muscat
  • The Emperor – France Cabernet Sauvignon
  • The Magician – Italy Nero d’Avola
  • The Wheel of Fortune – France Rosé

Call Wendy at +1.250.554.9463 to reserve your RQs today.

RQs must be ordered by Monday, Nov. 12



The Empress | Spain Tempranillo Merlot
This dry, medium bodied wine hints of deep red fruit with alluring aromas of plum and currant. Heady spices, earth and smoke linger with a moderate tannic finish. M | M | D   PAIRINGS • Perfectly enjoyed with Carne asada and Barbacoa tacos or grilled pork chops beside roasted potatoes. Release Date: January 2021

The Chariot | Spain Muscat
Soft, sweet floral notes mingle with exotic aromas. This off-dry white wine balances lemon’s acidity with flavours of peach, apple, honey and spice for a delicious finish. U | M | O  PAIRINGS • Pairs well with peach cobbler, lemon-poppy bread, antipasto, and spicy Asian dishes. Release date: January 2021

The Emperor | France Cabernet Sauvignon
This classic Cabernet offers flavours of cassis, ripe plum and red berry fruit. Integrated tannins with a balanced acidity create easy-drinking experiences.  M | F | D  PAIRINGS • Complements grilled meats, fine cheese and savoury appetizers. Release date: February 2021

The Magician | Italy Nero d’Avola
This full-bodied wine bursts with aromas of plum, cherry, toasted oak, and pepper that mingle with soft spices for a robust finish. M | F | D   PAIRINGS • Pair up with meaty burgers, venison, beef chili, or any mushroom dish.  Release date: March 2021

The Wheel of Fortune | France Rosé
Berry and floral aromas combine with hints of spice and delicate sweetness for a light, yet crisp, flavourful finish. U | M | D  PAIRINGS • Enjoy with lighter fare; charcuterie, salads, caprese pasta or seafood. Release date: April 2021