Q & A: Why red colour in wine bottles?

Sippers is pleased to answer your questions about wine and winemaking
QUESTION: I love your red wines, but what is with the colour in the bottles?

ANSWER: Ever gone blueberry picking or eaten beets? Your fingers and sometimes your teeth end up looking stained with some sort of colour. You’ve just discovered something that most of […]

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An Introduction to Craft Winemaking

Are you interesting in learning how to craft your own wine? It’s much easier than you may think! Check out this video for a great introduction on to craft winemaking!

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Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Winemaking Equipment

Cleaning & sanitizing your winemaking equipment is so important to the success of your craft winemaking. Watch this video for helpful information on how to properly clean and sanitize your craft winemaking equipment.

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A Step By Step Guide to Craft Winemaking

Are you looking to learn more about craft winemaking? Watch this step-by-step guide and see how easy it is to make your own craft wines!

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Bottling Your Wine

Now that you’ve created your own craft wine, it’s time to bottle it! This video provides you with the information you need on how to bottle your craft wine.

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Our Fall Winemaking Newsletter

As fall approaches we have released our latest edition of Sippers Scrapbook! Click here to read all of the latest winemaking news from Sippers!

What’s inside:

Just the Facts, Ma’am: Pinot Grigio vs Pinot Gris
Recipe: Mini Cheesecakes with Wine Gelées (Yum!)
Grubb Apothic ~ Only from Sippers

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Sippers Scrapbook – Our Winemaking Newsletter!

Sippers is your one-stop winemaking shop! Check out our newsletter, Sippers Scrapbook! Click Here to download Volume X, No 1 of Sippers Scrapbook.

Topics in our newsletter include:

Words from Wendy
A great recipe for Cabernet & Gorgonzola Sliders!
“Cork Taint”: Synthetic Solution?



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Vino thats Pino ( a guide to DIY Pino Noirs)

We’ve all seen it on many a video and plenty of movies. The man (perhaps with a monocle and a rather respectable moustache), takes a good close look at the wine in his glass, almost as though he was analyzing it for any discrepancies. Swirling the few sips around in the elegant glass, he […]

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How to build your own home wine rack

Wine racks are a great way to store wine at home. Showing your friends the rack with wines to choose from is always better than opening the fridge door. Of course, wine racks must be expensive investments to make right?

The truth is far from it. Just like anything else, a wine rack can be […]

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Storing Your Wine at Home

During the days when wine was never purchased and was only brewed, storage was never a cause for concern or a matter of space. If you had wine at home, you were brewing it, and if you had the space to brew it, you had the space to store it. Of course, this is […]

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