Celebrating 20 Years of wine with RQs 2020!

This year, Restricted Quantities puts on the ritz in celebration of twenty years of craft winemaking excellence.

Become immersed in the splendor of Restricted Quantities’ roaring twenties premium collection. Winemakers will craft and share the bee’s knees of wines from the renowned regions of Chile, Argentina, Spain and Australia.

Call Wendy at  +1.250.554.9463 to reserve your RQs […]

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4Fugitives – Restricted Quantities 2019

Our 2019 Restricted Quantities wines are coming this December, and they are going to be awesome! We are proud to bring you a thrilling new adventure in wine, featuring four notoriously great wines. Meet the 4Fugitives:

Chile Cabernet Merlot Syrah
Australia Chardonnay Semillon
Italy Nebbiolo
Spain Monastrell

Intense, masterful, defiant or smooth—whatever the preference, there’s a tale in […]

Wine Kits: Organic and Not

If you’ve become a maker of wine kits in the past few years, you may have noticed something pretty significant in today’s environmental climate: there are no 100% organic wine kits! That’s probably a big surprise, when you think that you can get an organic version of almost everything else, from tomatoes to toothpaste […]

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Q & A: Why red colour in wine bottles?

Sippers is pleased to answer your questions about wine and winemaking
QUESTION: I love your red wines, but what is with the colour in the bottles?

ANSWER: Ever gone blueberry picking or eaten beets? Your fingers and sometimes your teeth end up looking stained with some sort of colour. You’ve just discovered something that most of […]

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Wiggly Wine Shots Recipe

If you really must add something to your already delicious Sippers wine, this combination of red wine and fruity flavoured gelatin is a lot of fun to share with friends! Experiment with various flavours to make a red wine gelatin shot of your own invention.
Things You’ll Need

2 cups boiling water
Mixing bowl
1 small package raspberry gelatin
1 small […]

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The Gold Standard Collection-2018


Restricted Quantities 2018 
The Gold Standard Collection

Restricted Quantities brings you four of our finest award-winning wines, released exclusively in The Gold Standard Collection. These distinguished wines set a gold standard for elegance, ageability and finesse—a true celebration of excellence in craft winemaking.

Reserve a Gold Standard. Create a Gold Standard.

Australia Shiraz Viognier
Australia Shiraz […]