About Wendy Warkman

Wendy is the heart and soul of Sippers. She believes that everyone should have a great wine experience and she enjoys matching her customers with the perfect wine. Only the best products are offered at Sippers because Wendy has done the research for you (all that tasting is hard work!) When she’s not working on her extensive wine knowledge, she loves to get outside hiking, skiing, kayaking and biking. In fact, if you’re out and about on the North Shore you might see her pedaling her way to work.

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Words from Wendy
A great recipe for Cabernet & Gorgonzola Sliders!
“Cork Taint”: Synthetic Solution?



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Vino thats Pino ( a guide to DIY Pino Noirs)

We’ve all seen it on many a video and plenty of movies. The man (perhaps with a monocle and a rather respectable moustache), takes a good close look at the wine in his glass, almost as though he was analyzing it for any discrepancies. Swirling the few sips around in the elegant glass, he […]

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How to build your own home wine rack

Wine racks are a great way to store wine at home. Showing your friends the rack with wines to choose from is always better than opening the fridge door. Of course, wine racks must be expensive investments to make right?

The truth is far from it. Just like anything else, a wine rack can be […]

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Storing Your Wine at Home

During the days when wine was never purchased and was only brewed, storage was never a cause for concern or a matter of space. If you had wine at home, you were brewing it, and if you had the space to brew it, you had the space to store it. Of course, this is […]

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